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Melbourne Executive and Personal Assistants - It’s time to get connected!

As EAs and PAs, our roles are highly specialised, but often underestimated.

While your family and friends might picture you plugging away at Excel spreadsheets, laughing with colleagues around the photocopier, or even cruising down to your local café for the twice-daily coffee run, most people have no idea what your job really entails.

The truth is you’re often juggling two million tasks, managing a workload that’s bigger than your boss’s, and making minor miracles happen while trying not to break a sweat – and that’s on a quiet day!

The life of an EA or PA can be a lonely one – but thanks to the Melbourne EA Group (MEAG), it doesn’t have to be.

  • Are you ready to connect with like-minded people who know exactly what you do and the challenges you face?
  • Would you love your own network of peers to bounce ideas off?
  • Do you want to learn new skills you can easily implement into your role?
  • And expert tips to help you stay ahead of the game?
  • Do you dream of feeling inspired, supported and appreciated in your role, every single day?
Are you looking for the perfect forum to have your questions answered – with a level of efficiency and accuracy only other EAs understand?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. The MEAG offers all this and more.

A network and support group exclusively for EAs and PAs in Melbourne, MEAG is the best place to meet other professionals, share information and gain valuable industry knowledge by learning together.

As well as support, teach and inspire, monthly MEAG events give members a chance to:

  • Practice new skills such as public speaking
  • Meet new people and expand professional networks
  • Access discounted training and career-boosting development opportunities
  • Attend live workshops with special guest speakers
  • Find out first about EA and PA job opportunities
  • Score special offers and exclusive event invitations
  • Scope out the best local venues with site visits around Melbourne

You’ll love being a part of this unique community where there’s always something new to learn, someone new to meet and an exciting new venue to visit.

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